Minimalist Aesthetic versus Minimalist Lifestyle

My last post was somewhat associated with fashion and clearly it garnered way more views than my other posts. Only for this superficial and supportive audience, I thought of writing another post on the same lines. Before reading this post, I would like to confess that I am not necessarily a fashionable person and my... Continue Reading →

Polka dots or Stripes

I have been browsing online shopping sites for quite some hours now. It’s my birthday in a couple of days and I want to wear something nice and new for the occasion. There is no particular reason for this as I will be quarantined at home on that day. However, I just felt like dressing... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Clouds…

A tale of moon, shadows and the connections we come to make. I have been thinking about writing a movie review of this movie for a long time. It is hard to write anything that would do justice to this movie and its various symbols. This is just a juvenile attempt at its appreciations. Majid... Continue Reading →

Snowflake Generation

This term has been used to denote different individuals throughout history. In the recent years, the young adults are branded the Snowflake Generation as an insult. This shows that the generation is viewed to be lacking patience and they tend to take more offense than the previous generation. They are, thus, seen as more sensitive.... Continue Reading →

Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women

Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women brings to light many problematic aspects readers have from this book. Many interpretations have viewed Jo as the alter ego to Louisa May Alcott. This movie explores this further by showing the exact compromises faced by Alcott in publishing this book. The decision of Jo of getting married to... Continue Reading →

The whole is greater than sum of its parts

This quote is derived from Aristotle’s Metaphysics. Many have interpreted this quote as referring to the quality of team work and unity. It signifies that there is more strength in working together rather than a lone individual. However, “the whole” could refer to a system, wherein this statement highlights there is more to a system... Continue Reading →

Movie Review of ‘Joy’

Daniel O. Russell again brings to us a movie with his favorite pair, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley cooper. The story is based on an autobiographical account of Joy Mangano, self-made millionaire through a huge business empire. No plot, however, can just include the plain narration, it demands more to connect it with the audience. The very first... Continue Reading →

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