Stranger Things gets its villain

The popular fantasy TV show set in the 1990s is back with its newest season after two years! The episodes have become even spookier with deadlier monsters. The ever-more haunting narrative constantly keeps the audience on edge. Besides the dark side, the goofy chemistry between Steve and Dustin, the fun observations of Robin, and the... Continue Reading →

Laila in ‘Sunlight on a broken column’

Laila is the fictional narrator of Attia Hosain’s ‘Sunlight on a broken column’. It is a book set during the partition of India and narrated through the perspective of Laila. In this turbulent time, Laila is considered a passive and inactive participant in the Indian freedom struggle. Her choice of going to the hills in... Continue Reading →

The modern self-care is a distraction

The self-care activities like yoga, nature retreats, bathing, etc., are hygiene/healthy living practices that are turned into products for marketing and consumption. It includes expensive products and extravagant vacations in wellness retreats. It is dragging us towards a materialist lifestyle that is the opposite of what their product tagline claims. Photo by Breakingpic on Continue Reading →

“They also serve who stand and wait”

The obsession with productivity in this fast-paced world is ever-increasing. People seem to have a short attention span and an ever-growing need to reach society-driven goals. Patience is hardly regarded as a virtue in this “hustle” culture. Staying idle is usually frowned upon by society. In inhabiting such a mindset, it seems like people are... Continue Reading →

The Creative Freedom in Sita – Warrior of Mithila

Amish Tripathi’s ‘Sita – Warrior of Mithila’ is the second book in Ram Chandra’s series. The creative freedom in this mythological piece captures the essence of this novel. Anyone familiar with Ramayan will be shocked by the events in the story. Some of these instances are empowering to the characters, while others seem unnecessary renditions... Continue Reading →

The Predictability in ‘A Quiet Place’

Suspense and thrill are essential ingredients that make a horror story. The feeling of horror can either be created by the gruesome depiction of unpleasant creatures/monsters, or an unexpected turn of events that shocks the audience. In this regard, the feeling of intrigue is closely connected to the feeling of horror. Therefore, the mystery becomes... Continue Reading →

The Midnight Library and Henry David Thoreau

I recently had the pleasure of listening to Matt Haig’s recent book, The Midnight Library, through audible (audiobook app). It was my first experience with an audiobook and undoubtedly, thoroughly amazing. There is an immersive quality of audiobooks that easily engages you in the narrative. The experience is equally dependent on the tone of the... Continue Reading →

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