The Creative Freedom in Sita – Warrior of Mithila

Amish Tripathi’s ‘Sita – Warrior of Mithila’ is the second book in Ram Chandra’s series. The creative freedom in this mythological piece captures the essence of this novel. Anyone familiar with Ramayan will be shocked by the events in the story. Some of these instances are empowering to the characters, while others seem unnecessary renditions... Continue Reading →

The accountability of dreams in Murakami’s ‘Kafka on the Shore’

“We are such stuff/ As dreams are made on, and our little life/ Is rounded with a sleep.” These lines were said by Prospero in Shakespeare’s last play, The Tempest. The last soliloquy is often read as Shakespeare’s farewell to the stage. A sense of impending doom for humanity and the fickleness of human endeavors... Continue Reading →

The Predictability in ‘A Quiet Place’

Suspense and thrill are essential ingredients that make a horror story. The feeling of horror can either be created by the gruesome depiction of unpleasant creatures/monsters, or an unexpected turn of events that shocks the audience. In this regard, the feeling of intrigue is closely connected to the feeling of horror. Therefore, the mystery becomes... Continue Reading →

The Midnight Library and Henry David Thoreau

I recently had the pleasure of listening to Matt Haig’s recent book, The Midnight Library, through audible (audiobook app). It was my first experience with an audiobook and undoubtedly, thoroughly amazing. There is an immersive quality of audiobooks that easily engages you in the narrative. The experience is equally dependent on the tone of the... Continue Reading →

All that Glitters is Gold

This blog is in connection with John Green’s latest YouTube video with the same title. I will attach a link for reference after this post. John Green draws a connection between the lyrics of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and Smash Mouth’s ‘All-Star’ in this video. He expresses the difference as well as the similarity... Continue Reading →

Visual Clutter

I have been trying to write a blog for the past half hour, but my mind is distracted by the slightly crooked end of the wall-art in front of me. As I grow-up, it has become immensely difficult for me to get in a headspace of working and slight distractions have started to irk and... Continue Reading →

Zootopia and Implicit Bias

I have been watching animated movies lately and one of my closest friends introduced me to this amazingly cute movie - Zootopia. The movie is funny, entertaining, and inspiring. At the first glance, it is about a highly motivated bunny, Judy Hopps, who wants to be a cop. She has an affectionate and infectious personality... Continue Reading →

You can fail at what you don’t want

Facing failure is a huge bummer for most people. I feel that most about everyone remember the first time they failed. And, then, it hurts like hell when you fail in your dreams. But, last week, I learned about the hurt of failing at what you don’t even want. Photo by Luis Quintero on Continue Reading →

Polka dots or Stripes

I have been browsing online shopping sites for quite some hours now. It’s my birthday in a couple of days, and I want to wear something nice and new for the occasion. There is no particular reason for this as I will be quarantined at home on that day. However, I just felt like dressing... Continue Reading →

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